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Rhodiolia Rosea Root

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Product Description

Rhodiolia Rosea Root

Wild Crafted and Organically Grown USA 

Also Known As  – Rhodiola rosea, Golden Root, Artic Root or Roseroot

Overview - Rhodiola rosea is a truly fascinating plant which grows in cold climates, ex. Russia, Arctic, and many mountainous regions throughout the world. It has received special early attention in Russia where it has been widely used and studied by a number of researchers for its medicinal properties.

Medicinal Uses – Rhodiola rosea is a well-known adaptogen. The concept of adaptogenics had been developed by Russian scientists (N. Lazarev et al) in the 1940s to describe the action of some compounds to help the body adapt to physical, chemical and biological stress and other environmental factors, and allow it to protect itself from potential damage. 

Stress places a huge burden on the immune system. At the very least, it may make us feel always tired and mentally fatigued.

As a gentle energy food, rhodiola rosea can revitalize the body by neutralizing the harmful factors that it has to deal with during stressful times.

Taken on a regular basis in advance of any demanding situation, this adaptogen can also help the body to pre-adapt itself to such external irritants and thus avoid the damage.

Rhodiola rosea contains some specific chemicals - rhodioloside, rhodioniside, rosavinrosin, rosarin, rosiridin and numerous other antioxidants (ex., p-tyrosolquercetingallic acidchlorogenic acid andproanthocyanidins) - which have demonstrated anti-depressant and anti-tiredness effects.

In fact, around twenty eight compounds - including many unique ones - have been isolated from its roots and leaves.

As an anti-depressant, this plant works by balancing the levels of serotonin and dopamine - important monoamine neurotransmitters which are responsible for regulating mood, sleep, attention, appetite and other functions in our bodies. 

And just like some other adaptogens (ginseng, maca and ashwagandha) rhodiola rosea can be used to relieve fatigue, energise the body and uplift the mind. 

Rhodiola rosea may also have anti-aging and longevity-boosting effects for which it is currently being studied. 

Russian media sources report that this plant has been widely used by this country's astronauts, Olympic champions and other athletes, the military and politicians to boost energy and fight aging, as well as improve mental clarity, physical endurance and generally to support cardiovascular and nervous systems.

Over the years, scientists in Russia performed many studies to test the effectiveness of rhodiola rosea.

In one study, students who took this plant during a stressful examination period coped with physical and mental workload much better than the ones in the placebo group. In another study on animals, mice that were given rhodiola rosea performed significantly better in a test of "swimming to the limit" than the ones in the placebo group. 

It has also been suggested that rhodiola rosea is possibly capable of preventing increased appetite and subsequent weight gain as a consequence of stress-related events that a person may be going through. It may also be used as a weight loss aid thanks to its highly efficient metabolism of fats. 

This plant has received a wide international recognition. For example, Sweden designated it as a herbal medicinal product where it is used as an ant-fatigue agent, and in Denmark it is registered as a botanical drug. 

Here is what the Swedish Medical Products Agency states about Rhodiola rosea:

Approved indication: Traditional herbal medicinal product used as an adaptogen in stress-related reduced performance ability with symptoms such as tireness, fatigue, irritability and mild anxiety. The product is a traditional herbal medicinal product for use in the specified indication exclusively based upon long-standing use. 

How Does Rhodiola Rosea Work?

It is interesting to note that rhodiola rosea specifically improves the physical work capacity.

Some studies demonstrated that athletes who took this food showed a more robust athletic performance; their cardiovascular indicators were healthier, endurance levels were higher, and a full recovery time occurred much faster. 

Adaptogens are different from other stimulants in the way they work on our systems.

We know that some highly popular "energy-boosting" chemicals, such as caffeine, can deliver an immediate increase in physical capacity and mental clarity. However, an energy collapse that occurs a couple of hours later is a well-known unpleasant side-effect of overstimulating the central nervous system with caffeine.

Adaptogens, in contrast, may help us maintain the work capacity for much longer, and they certainly don't cause any type of biological collapse.

The above-mentioned example of the "swimming mice" identified some possible mechanisms for such positive revitalizing effects on the system.

Researchers suggested that the plant had increased the amount of energy metabolites, adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and creatine phosphate in the muscles and brains of the tested mice. Rhodiola may have also increased ribonucleic acid (RNA), protein and amino acid synthesis - which, in turn, may enhance the ammonia absorption and energy metabolism of the cells. 

I have been taking rhodiola alongside some other superfoods for a while now. I feel like it has a general *balancing* effect on your system. 

Other Points

Some experts recommend to take regular breaks during the long-term supplementation with this plant.

A good way to take rhodiola powder is to add it to yogurt and foods, mix it with other superfoods or put it in capsules using a simple low-cost capsule machine and empty capsules.

Parts Used - Root 

Preparation and Dosage - Teas, tinctures, and encapsulations. A good way to take rhodiola powder is to add it to yogurt and foods, mix it with other superfoods or put it in capsules using a simple low-cost capsule machine and empty capsules.

Precautions - A smaller dose of rhodiola is a stimulant, but a larger dose is a sedative. If you are seeking a boost to your immune system or you are treating depression, erectile dysfunction, or altitude sickness, try the smallest recommended dose first. If you are treating colds, flu, or stress, use a larger dose. Rhodiola is appropriate for depression, but it is not appropriate for bipolar disorder. Not recommended for use while pregnant. 

How to make Rhodiola rosea tea: 

  • Another way to benefit from rhodiola is to drink Rhodiola rosea tea, traditionally used to help calm nerves, reduce anxiety and promote restful sleep. To prepare homemade rhodiola tea, you’ll first need to purchase rhodiola roots that have been dried and ground.
  • Start by steeping about five grams of rhodiola roots in hot water. Either use a steeper or pack tea bags with the root. Make sure the water is not very hot or boiling, keeping it no higher than 85 degrees Fahrenheit (boiling point is 212 degrees F). For the best results, steep the tea for about four hours.
  • To speed up this process, you can also use rhodiola tinctures and liquid extract, which can be added to warm water with lemon or another herbal tea, such as chamomile or green tea.

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  1. Handled Stress 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Sep 2016

    This did exactly what it claimed to do in it's description which was to help me handle stress better. I noticed a calming effect very shortly after taking it and notice if I forget to take it for a few days! I believe the quality of this product is very good. I am impressed and will order again.

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