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Mountain Maus' Remedies

Dear Valued Customers,

Our continued aim through this time of uncertainty is to provide you with quality products in a prompt manner. Due to the large surge of orders and the need to protect our staff with distancing measures we have temporarily removed the ability for our customers to call us. 

Please note the following:

  • Phone lines are temporarily closed (for all calls) - Please do not leave a message.

  • Online ordering only 

  • All orders are final (once you place your order you will be unable to change or cancel that order)

  • Please check your order carefully before submitting

  • Current shipping times are 7-10 business days

Please know we will try to return to normal business proceedings as soon as possible.

We value your business highly, and hope that these measures will allow us to continue to serve you in a professional and responsible way. Please stay safe and healthy.

With sincere thanks for your patronage, support, and understanding, Mountain Maus 


Located in the foothills of Mt. Rainier in the little town of Elbe, Washington, Mountain Maus Remedies was born out of thankfulness and awe for the many plants and all their healing properties that were so amazingly created, and lovingly given to us from God Himself (Genesis 1:29).  Here at Mountain Maus’ Remedies, our prized loose leaf teas, bulk herbs  the essential oils and hydrosols, our herbal tinctures, and the various natural body care products that we provide are of the highest quality and finest ingredients. 

Our herbs are all grown organically, cultivated without the use of pesticides, fertilized with organic manure from our own chickens, rabbits and little kinder goats, and the water used is from our private well which is sustained by the Nisqually River. Only 20 miles upriver is where the Nisqually begins, at the Nisqually Glacier which is located on the south side of Mount Rainier.  Our method of using organic rich soil, choosing to use companion plants instead of pesticides and pure glacier water to grow our herbs, plants and flowers, may be more labor intensive, but it takes a far less toll on our environment.  Through soil building, crop rotation, careful harvesting and proper composting, all of which are sustainable agricultural practices, the end result is well worth it, not to mention the product is much healthier for our bodies.  

We are excited to share our new partnership with Aloha Ke Akua Plantation on the island of Kauai, Hawaii. This beautiful 35 acre plantation is family operated and is strictly cultivating organically grown and wild crafted herbs from the islands. Completely free of pesticides or chemical soil additives.

All of our herbs from our farm as well as the herbs that are cultivated by Aloha Ke Akua Plantation are hand picked, dried, meticulously analyzed, tested for freshness, aroma and taste before we package and deliver to you. No machinery is used in our fields.

In the state of Washington we are considered a "Small organic farms and businesses and we are not required to be certified organic." For reference you can go to this link hereAll certified organic botanicals we receive from our suppliers are received placed in a controlled environment until shipment. We do not repackage your certified organic herbs. If you require an Organic Certificate, we will send you the C/A from the vendor we purchased our Organic product from with the suppliers name blacked out.

We are a Christian based organization and take pride in our love for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  As Jesus had said in Mark 16:15, we as believers in Him are to share the gospel with all creation, so we include in every order that is shipped a gospel message to you.

Bio: Patricia ‘Maus’ Delgado is a wife, mother, and grandmother.  She retired as a CPA, has always had a love of plants and gardening, and in the fall of 2014 she had a desire to provide family members with an alternative to pharmaceuticals and simply asked God for direction.  She began learning and studying about various plants and natural remedies that have been lost over time and the Lord increased her knowledge and love for not only plants, but in being a vessel to help others with her knowledge of plants and their medicinal properties.  Although it started with a desire to help out family, a business blossomed and she is now a Master Herbalist and is proud to say that the business, Mountain Maus Remedies, was born out of the thankfulness and awe for the many plants and all their healing properties that were so amazingly created, and lovingly given to all of us from God Himself!  (Genesis 1:29)