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Colloidal Silver

Mountain Maus Remedies Colloidal Silver is distinctly different from the many other colloidal silver providers.

Mountain Maus’ Colloidal Silver average particle size is an astounding 0.0008 microns, as confirmed via TEM (Transmission Electron Microscopy) or in other words, only 0.8nm (nanometers) in size. This relates to greater absorption by the body into cells, tissue and organs for greater potential anti-microbial killing power!

At only 10ppm (parts per million) Mountain Maus’ Colloidal Silver is much more effective than other colloidal silver that boast 300ppm or more! How can that be? Particle size is most important, then the ppm rating can be taken into account. Doesn't matter how much silver is in it if your body is not able to absorb and use it!

Mountain Maus’ Colloidal Silver is made with .999 fine silver, and purified water. That’s it! There are no other additives, stabilizers, or any other unnecessary marketing ploys or gimmicks, just silver and purified water, just as it was intended to be.