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DIY Goat Milk Lotion

Making Goat's Milk Lotion


This is the second thing I tackled after experimenting with making goats milk soaps was making lotions. I searched the internet for ideas and recipes and began to figure out what I did and didn't like to get my recipe just how I wanted it. 

One of the first videos I can across was from the website Our Simple Farm. There is also a wealth of information on SoapQueen.com (including information on the proper way to label your products). There are also many websites that offer information on exactly what different oils do for your skin. So do some research when you start working to make your own recipe, there is a ton of information out there! 

Total we are going to do a VERY basic recipe. You can play with the oils and butters to decide what you like the best.

This recipe is made up of these items:

  • 10.5 oz  Goat's Milk (provided by River birch Fams)
  • 10.5 oz Distilled Water
  • 1.2 oz  of Butters – I used .6 oz of Shea Butter and .6 oz of cocoa butter)
  • 2.7 oz of oils of your choice. You can mix and match oils to fill this amount. Sweet Almond, Avocado, Jojoba, Coconut, and Argan Oils are all very nice on your skin) I used Avocado oil and Coconut oil for this recipe
  • 1.2 oz Emulsifying Wax (from the Lotion house)
  • 1 oz Stearic Acid
  • .3-.4 oz Preservative of your choice. I use Germall Powder. The best two are Germaben II and Germall Plus. Used at their recommended rates, they provide excellent protection against the growth of mold, fungi and bacteria. 140º F
  • The last thing to add is .2 oz of fragrance or essential oil. 


Tools You Will Need

  • Stick Blender
  • Stainless Steal spoons
  • 4 Cup measuring cup
  • Digital scale
  • Your Lotion Ingredients
  • Lotion Bottles in your choice of size


Step one will be to milk your goat for the 10.5 ounces you will need for this recipe. You can also use frozen goats milk or canned.


Sanitize your utensils, measuring cups, and stick blender in a hot water (I did this prior to coming here)

Measure your liquids and warm them to about 80- 100* or at room temp.


Measure your Oils and Butters

Heat Your Oils and Butters and Add your Stearic Acid and Emulsifying Wax- Stir to melt


Add your liquids to your oil mixture

Blend with your stick blender (it will thicken) 


Add your preservative


Add your fragrance oil

Blend with your stick blender once again


Your lotion it ready! 


Pour your lotion into bottles

Label Your Product!


Description and the amount of product in ounces and milliliters should be listed on the front

Ingredients listed with INCI Names should be on the back along with the name of your shop, web address and physical location where the lotion was made.  It is also advised to include a statement that your product has not been tested if you have not done so with the FDA.