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Pet Tonic for Allergies

  • Natural/Herbal Treatments for Pet Allergies
  • Natural/Herbal Treatments for Pet Allergies
  • Natural/Herbal Treatments for Pet Allergies
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Product Description

Pet Tonic for Allergies

Treating Pet Allergies Naturally

 If your dog has been diagnosed with allergies (itchy dog, chronic itching and scratching, hot spots on skin, skin problems such as canine dermatitis (flaky, itchy skin), runny eyes, runny nose, coughing, sneezing), and you've already done the two most important things:

1) switched to a healthy, natural dog food that doesn't contain a lot of corn, wheat or soy (common irritants to dogs), and

2) have begun supplementing your dog’s diet by sprinkling Omega 3 Oil for Dogs (and cats) on his food, but your dog still has symptoms, what do you do?

Herbs to treat Seasonal Allergies in your pets (mammals)

Here are some herbs that are safe for dogs, cats and most other mammals and can be very effective at treating seasonal issues without harmful drugs or their side effects. These herbs are available in an herbal treatment for seasonal allergies in dogs and cats that is safe and easy to use with almost any mammal pet. The tincture contains all the herbs in this article and it is easy to use.  

Nettle (Urtica spp.) – Nettle is an herbal success story with many herbalists. Many animals, as well as people, have found relief from symptoms, including seasonal symptoms, from the daily use of this herb, especially when it is begun at the earliest onset of hay fever season. One of the predominant theories of how nettle works is centered on the release of histamine. Histamine is a protein produced by the body that contributes to the body's inflammatory responses. If too much histamine is released by the body or released too quickly, symptoms such as swelling, sneezing and coughing are more likely to occur. Nettle’s chemistry includes an interesting assortment of proteins and histamine-like compounds that herbalists believe may slow the body’s own release of histamine, thus lessening severity of symptoms.

Eyebright (Euphrasia officianalis) – Herbalists have used this herb, eyebright, for centuries to relieve inflammation of upper respiratory mucus tissues. Eyebright is also thought to help support and strengthen various liver functions, meaning that it helps with the body’s elimination of systemic waste that may compound the problem.

Burdock (Arctium lappa/minor) – Burdock has been used since ancient times as an herb that is a safe, gentle liver tonic. In Chinese medicine it is referred to as “gobo”. It has long been regarded as a specific remedy for various forms of chronic dermatitis. It is thought to work by supporting the liver in the elimination of protein byproducts and other metabolic waste that may otherwise cause reactions if left in the body. The strategy is to get the offending substances out of the body before inflammation is triggered.

Licorice Root Glycyrrhiza glabra/uralensis) – Licorice root may be the most broad-spectrum anti-inflammatory herb available. In addition to strong liver-support attributes, this herb contains an assortment of phytosterol constituents that may serve to supplement the body’s natural product of cortisone; a hormone that serves to further slow and regulate the body’s inflammatory response. It is also anti-tussive and an expectorant, meaning that it will help make your pet's coughs and sneezes less violent and more productive.

Maus has blended all these special herbs for your pet in a convenient and easy-to-use herbal tincture.

Pet Tonic for Allergies is one of the most popular herbal tinctures in the pet section of our store. Pet Tonic is used by many customers to relieve symptoms in pets commonly associated with hay fever such as red, runny eyes, itchiness or sneezing. (Please remember that I may be a Maus and squeak a little, but only a professional veterinarian can evaluate symptoms and diagnose illness.) Certain allergic responses may be caused by a sudden rise in airborne molds or pollens, which occurs most often after a spring snow melt, causing seasonal allergies for so many. Typically an allopathic vet will prescribe an antihistamine or possibly even a corticosteroid drug. Side effects to drug therapy may be worse in the long term.

Maus’ Pet Tonic is a blend of four herbs in an alcohol base, to assist in the battle against hay fever and is in a 2 oz amber bottle with eyedropper.

Owners of pets with allergies interested in resolving your pet's hay fever symptoms naturally will want to be sure you're feeding your pet good, natural food. If your pet has a food allergen, the elimination diet is your best approach. Also, add an Essential Fatty Acid supplement to their diet (Omega 3 and 6, such as fish oils). Vitamin C is also known to act as an antihistamine. Try adding Vitamin C to your pet's diet. Alternate your pet's drinking water between filtered water and distilled water. Using distilled water may help cleanse potential allergens from your pet's system.

Maus’ Pet Tonic for Allergies contains extracts of certified organic nettle leaf, eyebright herb, burdock root and licorice root, distilled water and certified grain alcohol.

Maus’ Pet Tonic for Allergies is easy to use and can be sprinkled on your pet's food or squirted into pet's mouth as directed on label or by your veterinarian.

Disclaimer - Please note that this information is for educational purposes only and is reflective only of the opinions of its author. Nothing in this article is intended to diagnose or prescribe any course of therapy or be a substitute for the care and advice of a qualified veterinarian. If you feel your pet may have health problems, please consult a veterinarian.

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